"we don't ask why, we just provide"





Homelessness isn't seasonal. Help us serve those in need by:

  • Spending an afternoon with like-minded individuals assembling hygiene kits
  • Shopping for items needed for the project
  • Assembling the food
  • Distributing the  food to the homeless with the Pearson Project Team

christmas, 2018 - for the 6th year RUNNING, the pearson project

adopted families in dallas AND DENTON TEXAS


OUR MISSION and story

  • The Pearson Project volunteer numbers have grown from 6 individuals in 2012 to 175 families in 2015.   
  • Office Interiors Group, Inc. held their annual July 3rd Fireworks and Auction benefiting The Pearson Project.
  • For the 3rd year, the City of Dallas Housing Community Services department selected families to be assisted by The Pearson Project for the Christmas season.
  • True Brits a ladies British Group in Carrollton, Texas donated blankets and Handbags that include Hygiene and female specific items. 
  • Office Interiors Group, Inc. continues to support The Pearson Project by allowing the use of their corporate headquarters for events.
  • Texas Aces Black 11U Baseball Team gathered items needed for hygiene kits. 
  • Girl Scout Troop 3564 delivered and handed out over 200 jackets, hygiene kits and waters to individuals living in Tent City located in Dallas, Texas on New years Eve 2015.
  • Hope Fellowship - The Frisco West Campus jacket drive provided jackets used in the New Years Eve outing with Troop 3564.

Brooke Pearson

Wife, mother and Director of Operations at CCA

Meet Our founders


The mission of The Pearson Project is to provide for those in need and to show that they have not been forgotten.

It all started Easter 2012 while finishing our dinner and something came over me. I excused myself from the table and went to the local grocery store to purchase a few to go containers...

the Pearson project in Action

  • Creekview High School Volleyball and Football teams sponsored a jacket drive in 2014 and 2015.
  • Boy Scout Pack 735 delivered all items needed for 350 hygiene kits.
  • The student council at the Ischool, a public charter High school in Lewisville, Texas, voted to provide sandwiches for all events during the 2015-2016 school year.
  • Living Well Heath & Wellness Group is involved in many events and continues to support The Pearson Project.   
  • Members of Bridgeway Church in Copper Canyon, Texas are involved in all aspects of the Pearson Project. The Pastor supports the members' efforts by approving a one time gift.
  • First Baptist Church of Carrollton's Weekday Preschool donated over 125 pillows that were handed out at our 2015 Thanksgiving meal "The Day After". 
  • Henderson Engineers in Dallas, Texas held a Hygiene Kit Company event. Before the event the employees purchased all the items needed for the kits.  As one big team they came together and made over 400 complete Hygiene Kits.

Forty of these families are working with the City of Dallas - Office of Community Care and most of them have recently moved into their first home. Many have few possessions.

The other thirty families are at 6 elementary schools in the Denton ISD community and have been recognized by their counselors and teachers as needing assistance for this holiday.

Gary "Pearson" Pearson

Husband, father and Director of Business Development at AOS Engineering 

​​​~ 10,275 meals served since 2012 ~

~ 351 Families Adopted since 2013 ~

We serve the homeless on the streets of Dallas

and Denton, Texas by providing: food - hygiene kits - pillows - socks - blankets - jackets and other

items necessary for survival.

​Next Community Event -Adopt A Family

Forty of these families are referred by the City of Dallas - Office of Community Care and most of them have recently moved into their first home. Many have few possessions.
The other 30 families are from 5 elementary schools in the Denton ISD community and have been recognized by their counselors or teachers as needing assistance for this holiday.

100% of all donations go to help those in need.


The Pearson Project



A New Way To Serve

The Pearson Project will be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday in a different manner this year.  As the needs in our surrounding communities increase, we would like to focus closer to home.  Counselors at our 6 DISD neighborhood elementary schools have identified 40 families in need and we would like to provide their Thanksgiving meals.

The Pearson Boys

The boys, ranging from age 10 to 24 are a major part of the organization