Inspiring multi-generational individuals, schools, companies and organizations to promote the welfare of others.

Community Outreach

-Provide hygiene kits and meals bi-monthly

-BBQ in the Streets- start of the summer season

-The Day After- serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal on the day after Thanksgiving in the streets

​-Help a Family- adopt families at Christmas and provide them with food needed for a Christmas dinner and also gifts that they would otherwise not receive

-Host team building events for corporations and organizations

- Host volunteer opportunities for schools, sports teams and Scouts   

  • January 2024: Focus and Planning meeting 
  • February - March 2024: Easter Sign-Up and planning
  • April 2024: Easter Lunch in North Texas event
  • March - June 2024: Community Supply Drive for 2024 
  • July 2024: ​"Help A Student" in Denton and Grayson County - CLICK HERE
  • July - August, 2024: Community Hygiene Kit and cold weather item drive  
  • September 2024:  Thanksgiving and Christmas planning meeting
  • ​​November 2024: A New Way To Serve - Thanksgiving
  • November 2024: Help A Family Planning meeting
  • December 2024: Christmas "Help A Family" in Dallas, Denton and Grayson County

The Pearson Project

2024 outreach schedule

Gary and Brooke Pearson 

"we don't ask why, we just provide"

We are blessed by all the help we have received throughout the years. When we started this project, we had no idea that it would grow as it has. It now encompasses individuals, families, schools, sports teams, and corporations and extends from coast to coast as well as around the world. If you had met us years ago, you would not have known that we were one step away from living on the streets. Thankfully, we had help from friends and family. We would like to pay it forward by serving those in need today.  

Thank you to all who have donated time, money and energy to help our community.



100% of the donations received go directly to those in need. 

The cost for one sack lunch is estimated at $2.75, and includes a sandwich, piece of fruit, snack, baked good, bag of chips, plastic bag and a bottle of water.

The cost for one hygiene kit is estimated at $4.75, and includes a plastic gallon size zip-lock bag, band aids, hand sanitizer gel, soap in a zip-lock bag, washcloth, chap stick, tissues, socks, tooth brush/toothpaste combo kit and deodorant.

Make a Donation by mail

or via Zelle to donate@thepearsonproject.org

THE founders


Individuals, businesses and families are invited to volunteer. Many volunteers have been with us since the beginning in 2012, and new individuals join every month. Volunteers find their service makes a difference not only in the recipients' lives but also in their own. Enlisting the help of multi-generations insures we will always have strong legion to help those in need.

Sign Up to Volunteer

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